Homework Policy

Math Homework: This is always due the next day. Most of the time you should get most of the assignment done at school, if not all. If you forget to bring it back, or bring it back not done, you will miss out on math centers and will have to work on your missing assignments, plus your new assignment. If not turning in homework is becoming a routine, then you will start to lose recess time as well.

Reading Homework: Whenever we have a reading test, you will need to take the textbook home with you to re-read that week’s story. Most weeks you will bring it home on Tuesday, which means you have 3 days to divide up the story to read. Please plan accordingly! Your parents need to sign your reading slip saying that they saw or heard you read the story. This is due the day of the reading test, usually Friday. There are 12 reading tests throughout the year -2 per unit.

Spelling Homework: Although I do not assign a specific spelling assignment, you should be practicing your words at home throughout the week. On a 5-day week, new words are given on Mondays and tests are on Fridays.

Science Homework: Science homework is usually given weekly. Most of the time you should be able to finish your assignment at school. Science homework is always turned in the next day you have science. For example, if I give it to you on Tuesday, it will be due on Monday.

Math Facts: If you do not pass your weekly time test, one assignment you will have is to finish your time test and get your goal sheet signed by a parent. If you are not passing your time tests, you should be practicing your facts at home (Reflex Math, flashcards, etc.) If you are passing your time tests, great! This is not an assignment for you – just don’t forget your facts! J


GENERAL HOMEWORK RULE: You should not be spending more than 40 minutes a night on homework.

**I care the most about your well-being and want you to have time to unwind at home and get a good night’s sleep so you are ready for school every day. If you do not finish an assignment, but you were trying your best on homework for 40 minutes, it is okay to have your parents send me a note. It is then your responsibility to finish it in class.

**Not all weeks or days will look the same. If there are days where you come home with no homework from me, spend some time reading books you enjoy or practicing your math facts.  

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