Curriculum Overview

Kindergarten Curriculum Snapshot



     *letters and sounds

     *blend sounds to read simple words         

     *digraphs th, sh, ch

Phonemic Awareness (all auditory and oral)


     *identify alliteration

     *break words into syllables

     *add, change, delete sounds in words


    *content area vocabulary


     *identify story elements:

      -characters, setting, sequence of stories

     *differentiate between real and make-believe

     *listen to stories and answer questions

     *listen to non-fiction text for information

     *relate stories to other stories and self

Sight Words

     *60+ high frequency words



Problem Solving

     *adding and subtracting stories

Number Sense

     *count to 100, skip counting by fives and tens

     *identify and represent whole numbers with objects

     *place value (ones and tens)

     *order and compare numbers


     *addition and subtraction to 10

Statistics and Probability

     *create and analyze simple graphs

Measurement and Geometry

     *shapes: circle, square, rectangle, oval, triangle,

      trapezoid, parallelogram, pentagon, hexagon, octagon,

      cube, cone, sphere, cylinder

     *tell time to the hour

     *identify coins and values of penny, nickle, dime

     *length with non-specific units


     *patterns with increasing complexity



     *form all lowercase and uppercase letters correctly with appropriate spacing

Writing  *label pictures       

*uppercase letter at the beginning of a sentence, punctuation at the end       *spaces between words

*stretch out words and match sounds to letters       *use high frequency words in writing      *picture and story match

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