Storytown Spelling Lists

Our spelling tests will usually be on Fridays except in the case of four day weeks where an occasional test will fall on Thursday instead.  Look for a spelling list to come home each week on Monday in the assignment notebook.

Storytown Theme 1
Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4
this saved deep ants
went moved play toys
jump riding lean flies
still waking glow things
last pulled team boxes
dust taking away games
tell hopped slow lines
drop baking trail rocks
shut picked dream wishes
lamp having stain ladies
stop letting toast dishes
felt running speed babies
drink drawing raise bushes
clock folded sweet glasses
stand shopped layer puppies

Storytown Theme 2
Lesson 6 Lesson 7 Lesson 8 Lesson 9
pickup chin foil spray
cannot itch loud street
outside push gown sprint
bedroom chef coil stripe
upstairs when house screen
raindrop wash annoy strong
baseball much growl spring
hallway sharp moist stray
airplane pitch enjoy scream
mailbox where round strike
sunshine peach spoil spread
homework child mouse string
classroom wheat clown sprout
something chance bounce scratch
playground machine cowboy stream

Storytown Theme 3
Lesson 11 Lesson 12 Lesson 13 Lesson 14
title gnat ice robin
table knew age petal
uncle sign rice seven
apple knob edge solid
cable gnaw stage final
bubble write giant given
beetle knees range color
rattle wrinkle judge hotel
purple kneel ledge wagon
little wrist police music
middle cough recent total
simple known bridge cabin
saddle rough office taken
trouble wrench strange pupil
scribble knight central broken

Storytown Theme 4
Lesson 16 Lesson 17 Lesson 18 Lesson 19
coarse word nicer undo
warm girl finest redo
soar burn useful dislike
wore work bigger react
swarm hurt really refill
form verse nicest uneasy
story purse faster reread
warn clerk lonely unlike
bore earth quickly remove
sport perfect careful dishonest
glory first smaller unhappy
force pearl playful rebuild
course answer biggest displease
before person slowly uncover
fourth thirsty thankful rewrite

Storytown Theme 5
Lesson 21 Lesson 22 Lesson 23 Lesson 24
threw ought input upon
cool soft preset above
foot yawn misuse cover
cook walk inside apart
bruise long preview either
hook also incorrect alike
tool thaw pretest awake
brook lost mislead afraid
booth cause preheat across
school taught indoors agree
choose pause misplace ever
balloon straw preschool amount
cartoon false misread ahead
afternoon author mismatch alive
understood almost misspell around

Storytown Theme 6
Lesson 26 Lesson 27 Lesson 28 Lesson 29
section lion doable overnight
caution dial famous bicycle
fiction idea careless nonstop
nation neon various overdue
action science endless overlook
vision area reliable biweekly
vacation radio nervous overflow
motion quiet useless nonsense
question piano flexible oversee
mention fluid washable overhead
station video helpless nonfiction
attention loyal terrible overcoat
portion stereo valuable nonfat
collection pliers dangerous overdone
session create powerless biplane
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